A Documentary by David Nonberg

Documentary of Gabriella's life through the Holocaust. "Through her art, Gabriella has been able to give a voice to the horrific events of The Holocaust as well as tell her own story of survival. Produced by: David Nonberg James Geyer Cinematography: James Geyer Edited by: Bruce Meyers Sound Design: Bruce Meyers David Nonberg Original Score: David Horowitz Opening Music Courtesy Of: Killer Tracks Additional Camera: David Nonberg Liz Hartnett Lukáš Teren Field Producer: Liz Hartnett Ema Teren Lukáš Teren Key Grip: Kasra Shokravi Special Thanks: Milly Sudarsky Randy and Deborah Nonberg Gabriella Kariin Los Angeles Museum of The Holocaust Jeff Swimmer"


Karol Blanar - Righteous Person Among the Nations (Part 1 and 2)

by Todd Karin

To honor the memory of Karol Blanar

Karol Blanar is the person who is fully responsible for my survival from the horrors and devastation of WWII. While risking his own life Karol Blanar hid 8 people and brought us food. This video recounts the story and honors him.

Part 2. Gabriella's goodbye speech to Karol Blanar

Part 1: Gabriella's trip Columbus, Ohio.


Uploaded by USC Shoah Foundation on 2015-04-21.

USC Shoah Foundation

Visual History Archive Online

Gabriella was interviewed for Steven Spielberg's holocaust survivor testimony archive.


Righteous Conversations Teen Filmmaker Trey Carlisle interviews Holocaust Survivor Gabriella Karin for StoryCorps

In October 2014, the Righteous Conversations Project coordinated a recording session at StoryCorp's mobile booth for RC Student Filmmaker Trey Carlisle to interview Holocaust Survivor Mentor Gabriella Karin about her life story. StoryCorp's mission is to record stories of "everyday" Americans, giving a copy of the recording to the storytellers as well as sending a copy to be archived in the Library of Congress. 



Belonging - Gifted to HIAS


Student Filmmakers from The Righteous Conversations Project and Holocaust Survivor Mentors discuss their reflections on the contemporary Syrian refugee crisis. This Public Service Announcement was produced by students in The Righteous Conversations Project during Harvard-Westlake Summer Film, 2015. The Righteous Conversations Project ( is a program of Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.




Gabriella is a Docent at the LA Museum of the Holocaust



Echoes of Truth Holocaust Interview